On the move again

After a rather unremarkable (read: nothing to post on here) summer back home, I’ve moved again. This time I’m in Norwich, England for grad school at the University of East Anglia.

Moving countries a second time in as many years was a great deal less stressful. I brought only one big suitcase instead of two, I had a place to live planned out before arriving this time, and I already knew a couple people in the area. I think the biggest difference, though, was that I had a tentative plan post-arrival — a reason I was moving, other than just life experience.

I chose to get my MA in England rather than the U.S. because the program lasts only a year and is considerably cheaper. There are also relatively few non-fiction writing programs out there, and UEA’s is one of the best. [My program is officially called Biography and Creative Non-Fiction.]

I’m sure everyone is thinking, “Now that you’re back in school and will be oh-so-busy, will you still write things here?!”

The short answer is: hopefully.

But if you’re reading this on a site that is mostly just my ramblings, maybe you don’t want the short answer.

So the long answer is that I hope to keep writing here whenever I get the notion, but I recognize that this site is a hot mess. [Perhaps that’s my signature™…] Maybe I’ll embrace that and keep writing about the places I visit — which will be less frequent now that I’m a broke student — and the political thoughts I have and my observations living abroad. Hell, maybe I’ll even throw in some stuff I write for school or my bad poetry or something. I mean, if you’re still reading this at this point, you might as well stick around and see.


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