Snow in Norwich

Norwich doesn’t have a single snowplow.

To most of England, that seems completely normal, but it boggles my mind.

Some weather reports are saying the so-called #BeastFromTheEast has left 20 centimeters of snow. After converting that to about 7.5 inches, it doesn’t seem accurate; there are no huge snowbanks, like there would be back in Iowa.

All the snow is just sitting there, un-shoveled and un-plowed, on the streets and sidewalks.

There’s not even salt scattered on the pavement.

Everything has been called off — classes, work, workshops I was looking forward to — and the wind and cold are the worst part, far more irritating than the snow.

I was so annoyed at all the cancellations — an overreaction, I’d say — that it took me most of the day to realize that, in all likelihood, this is my last snow day ever. I won’t be in school again after this semester (Though I’ve said that before…).

I suppose if nothing else, it’s nice to say my last snow day was in Norwich, a place that rarely gets snow, and the event had its own trending hashtag.

I guess I better go make at least one snowball.


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