AboutPage.jpgBefore you wonder for too long, my name is from the obituaries. My parents didn’t know the man from our hometown, but hoped he wouldn’t mind. So thank you for the name, Justus Miller.

Skip ahead a few years and I graduated from the University of Iowa with bachelor’s degrees in Journalism, English, and Theatre Arts, along with a Writing Certificate.

Two weeks after graduating, I moved to Dublin, Ireland. I lived there for a year, immersing myself within another culture; if I was going to spend the majority of my time writing about art and culture, I needed some stamps in my passport.

After saying goodbye to Ireland, I moved next door to England to earn my Master’s degree in Biography and Creative Non-Fiction at the University of East Anglia. It was a year of writing, travelling, and learning that made it difficult to leave, but I did, moving back to the U.S.

I now work as a nonprofit grant writer and am trying to get started in the publishing industry. Key word there is trying….Cross your fingers for me, would you?

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